Sunday, June 19, 2005

Boys, furniture and more boys.

1. It's 10am, and the mercury is quietly creeping up, so we go to an an air-conditioned cinema and see Batman Begins. It features the most beautiful villain in film history - Cillian Murphy. I am smitten.

2. Antique Chinese wardrobes. I am going to have one when I have a bigger place that needs a wardrobe. They are solid, blocky and rather modern looking in form, but have all the friendly scuffs and stains of an antique. Some of them have little pictures on of people, landscapes or dragons.

3. Revenge. It's not a dish best served cold; it's a welcoming gay club where you can hang out with the boys and do whatever you feel. This includes painting your nails (Pat, Barry and PaulV); stealing sailor hats from pretty boys (Bluety) and removing your shirt (Barry, PaulV, Jon, Jay, Ross, Bluety and Pat)