Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sibs, sardines and writers.

1. Having lunch with Robert and Rosey, who are home for a little while before they disappear again - Rose back to Bath and Robert to Peru. Afterwards we sit in the park.

2. Sardines. There is something pleasing about sardine tins. It could be the picture printed directly on to the metal so that the colours and bright and glossy. It could be that they stack so well; or that they open with a key. I also like sardines themselves - they go down lovely on a biscuit when mashed up with a bit of yoghurt and pepper.

3. Last year, there was something sad and flat about the writers' circle. The AGM was a depressing affair and there were whispers that the group might fold. This year, ideas sparked around and the future was discussed. Someone volunteered to host a Christmas party; the treasurer vowed to go into battle against the bank.