Saturday, June 11, 2005

Tent, cup and shake by Clare.

1. We saw men carrying 20ft poles into the campsite and then a tipi went up. A chap shinned up a pole monkey-style, hanging upside down to adjust the canvas. 'Bet they're on the pull,' remarked Ian.

2. Pimm's tents with no queue.

3. Faithless had the crowd and everyone was dancing ecstatically.

Here are Oli's beautiful things

Joni, France and trust by Oli

1. She's not appearing at the Isle of Wight festival. I don't even know if she does live dates anymore. But MAN, this hippy chick can sing. And she's beautiful. Listened to Blue twice this weekend already.

2. It's big, its hexagonal, it's full of mouthy socialists that cook great chips. They make terrible pop music and they don't care. They have elevated daily living to a high art. It could only be France.

3. Letting a near complete stranger play around with your precious site. Oh the power. Some more beautiful things from me might follow if I behave.