Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pink roses, herbal and jam.

1. On my way to work I pass a Rosa moyesii growing over a wall. It is the one with ribbed light green leaves and dark pink flowers with yellow-gold stamens. It is my favourite rose ever for its deep, non-hayfevery scent. In Autumn it will put forth enormous bright scarlet hips.

2. The little crunchiness when you snip tiny bits of chives with a pair of scissors.

3. A teaspoonful of confiture chataignes a la vanille. This is chestnut jam. It is beigey brown and slightly gelatinous and a bit gritty to eat. It smells of marron glace. As I type this, I have to keep stopping to taste - to make sure the description is quite correct - and now my keyboard is slightly sticky.