Monday, June 20, 2005

Red hat, how does he do it and toasty.

1. Went to a Midsummer service at Brighton Unitarian Church. There were three chances for the congregation to go up and share something summery. One lady in a parrot print dress walked to the front and said: 'I've brought my hat. Well, it's not my hat. It's a family hat.' It was red straw with long green ribbons. She explained that one day her daughter, who is a bit of a worrier, was walking to school with a friend and fretting over the latest whatever it was. After a bit, the friend got tired of being worried at and said: 'Here, if you can't stop worrying, you'd better take my hat.'

2. A man playing the fiddle while walking on a tightrope.

3. I am a chilly mortal, and sleep really badly if I am too cold. I sleep year round rolled up in a winter duvet and wrapped in a shawl, but last night it was warm enough that I could sleep in just a sheet.