Monday, June 27, 2005

Letting things slip, giants and princesses.

1. Having breakfast so late that it's almost lunchtime.

2. James and I caught the steam train back from the High Rocks. We wandered into the exhibition and saw a little boy almost hyperventilating with excitement over the model track. Then we got a tour of the engine shed with a steam enthusiast. Among bottles of white spirit, wet paint, puddles of oil and greasy rags, we talked trains for an hour - steam engines in various states of undress, an ugly Polish pile of rivet-spotted rusting iron that had been brought to England on two lorries, the 1960s diesels with their huge turbines. Then the buffet car man joined us. 'This young lady's got strong shoulders,' he said about me. 'She could be a driver.' I was tempted...

3. There is a chocolate shop on the Pantiles that is run by an African princess. There has got to be a fabley little story in that. And their icecream is very good, too!