Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Deep blue, bakeress and small sheep.

It's Three Beautiful Things' second birthday on Thursday! Why not join the celebration by posting your own beautiful things in the comments -- doesn't have to be three; even one would be a thrill to read.

1. The mist of blue in the woods and along the hedgerows; and the smell of bluebells as we drive down the lane to work.

2. The happy lady in the bakery. Although the shop was so hot you could hardly breathe -- and set to get hotter -- she was chatty and cheerful and said she didn't care what temperature she worked at 'so long as the customers are happy.' She said her favourite part of the job was tasting the cakes as they arrived.

3. When Ellen-at-work, who grew up on farm, was little she thought that everyone kept sheep and wondered where people in flats put them. This led to thoughts of balcony washing lines strung with little sheep.