Monday, May 08, 2006

Part two, dismiss and refreshment.

1. Going into the library and finding parts two and three of a trilogy I was rather enjoying. Cecilia Dart-Thornton's Bitterbynd Trilogy is a romance set in a world where brownies live in people's kitchens and mischievous spirits steal babies and people are can be magically bound by fairytale promises. She plunders a huge range of folktales, often weaving them into the plot, and characters regularly down tools for a little storytelling. I also love the way she describes the clothes and the food and the landscapes. Everything is rich and the colours are so vivid that it's like wandering into a Preraphaelite picture.

2. Sitting in the park with a book because there is no washing up there.

3. Lou's mum's lemon and lime icecream. It is the most refreshing thing ever.