Saturday, May 20, 2006

Impossible things for breakfast, lost and found books.

1. Oli eating polenta and carrot jam for breakfast. They were part of his birthday present from us -- I put the carrot jam in to see what he would do with it... I didn't imagine that he would think of breakfast.

2. We were so deep in coversation about the person we were about to pick up that we drove straight past him.

3. Talking about books and recalling things I read years ago. My favourite recall was a Robert Silverberg book -- Gilgamesh in the Outback -- Gilgamesh is wandering hell having lost his friend Enkidu after a disagreement. He runs into Robert E. Howard (the man who wrote Conan the Barbarian) and H.P. Lovecraft. From what I remember Robert E. Howard spends the rest of the story trying to shed Lovecraft so he can hang out with Gilgamesh, who resembles Conan in lots of ways.