Monday, May 15, 2006

Right side, massage and The Doctor.

1. Seeing Katie work so hard to track down some information about the murder house made me think I ought to go and investigate it and report back about its state. But the idea of walking up the steep garden path and pushing through the place where the boarding has fallen off the door filled me with horror. I felt rather cowardly, and I was so glad to have my instincts confirmed when we visited the site together. 'Want to go in?' I asked nervously, peering into the hall, which is full of bits of ceiling and staircase. 'No,' said Katie.

2. Green People body butter. It melts in my hands and warms my muscles as I rub it in and it has a medicinal rosemary scent which I like very much.

3. Watching a fortnight's supply of Dr Who with Fenella -- in particular I liked Dr Who riding through a mirror on a white horse.