Monday, January 09, 2012

All alone, noodles and a good sleep.

1. Nick is still chuckling about the faces of the people next to us at Wagamama as it dawned on them that they were the only toddler-free group in the restaurant.

2. I love watching Alec eat noodles -- I don't know why I ordered rice for him really, as he was far more interested in raiding our plates.

3. Sarah and Rachel brought round a box of bath oils in tiny bottles last week. They explained that it was a gift of baths for me by myself -- which is a wonderful thing and very much needed! Each bottle has a label like 'relax' and 'deep relax' and 'breathe' and 'de-stress muscles'. I used all of 'deep relax' last night. It worked very well because I slept... well, I might say 'like a baby', but it was better than that (certainly better than Alec).