Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby, boys and the radio.

1. Controversially we gave Alec a small baby doll for his birthday. It is very gratifying to see him bounce it on his knee in the same way that we bounce him -- he looks gleeful when I giggle on Baby's behalf. And if you think that's adorable, you should see him snuggle Baby into his shoulder for a cuddle and a back pat.

2. Susan brings her two-year-old for morning coffee. Alec follows Lawrence round the kitchen and he looks like a boy, not a baby. If he could talk, he would be saying: You know Lawrence? Guess what he says?" and "When Lawrence was here..." and "Is Lawrence coming round tomorrow?"

3. I'm telling Alec's key worker about his new trick. "When we mention the radio, he points at it, and not just to the one in the kitchen, but to our radio alarm clocks, too." And right on cue, Alec points to the nursery stereo.