Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Epic, warming him up and lunch.

Over at Writing Our Way Home, Fiona and Kaspa have started their River of Stones, a mindful writing challenge. Fiona's stones are a bit like beautiful things, so go on over and try writing your own. They are also publishing inspirational articles by their favourite writers. I'm booked in for January 21.

1. Alec sees Nick in the spectator gallery and sets off on an epic commando crawl straight across the paddling pool. He refuses to divert his course for anything -- not water jets, not a mother playing with her  baby, not a large toddler with a ball.

2. Alec gets chilled while swimming. He's a very sorry little scrap by the time we get to the changing room. Somehow -- I don't know how -- I manage to dress us both while giving him a feed.

3. For our lunch Rachel has set out cakes and sandwiches and a rainbow of raw veggies. It's perfect. Alec helps himself to two gingerbread men, one for each hand.