Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stick, messy play and a quick recovery.

1. There is something very unappealing about a sticky baby, so I wipe Alec's hands and feel happier. I do think he enjoyed squeezing the jam out of his pancake, though.

2. It's Alec's first parents'... well it's not an evening, because our appointment is at 2pm. His keyworker shows us pictures of him playing with flour. He has a flour moustache in one picture, and another shows him throwing handfuls in the air. Apparently shaving foam was less popular. "I can't wait to try him with cornflour gloop," she says. She also has some... well she calls it mark-making, but it looks like scribbling to me, which he did months ago. I only recently thought to put a pen in his hand and let him 'sign' birthday cards.

3. Poor Alec throws up for the first time in ages. I start clearing up the bedroom -- and myself -- while Nick cleans him up in the bathroom. I image him traumatised by the whole horrible experience, but when I open the bathroom door he is chattering and laughing with Nick at their reflection in the mirror.