Friday, January 20, 2012

Domestic, list and out of the tool box.

1. I keep discovering little things that Nick did yesterday while we were out -- the wipes box is full of chamomile tea (it's good for nappy rash, but I never seem to have time to brew a cup and take it upstairs). The changing basket is full of clean nappies, all neatly stacked. The washing bin is empty, and clean washing is on the airer.

2. I feel as if I haven't done much this afternoon -- so I write a 'having been done' list (it's a to do list, but in the past tense), and it's long.

3. Alec wanted milk and a cuddle -- but he has had a lousy nappy day, and I wanted him to have a bath. I realised, as he howled up at me from the bathroom floor, that there was a middle way. Which is why I'm nursing him in the bath.