Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wetsuit, sleeper and nose.

1. Photography is not allowed at the pool, but I sneak a picture of Alec in his new blue and gold wetsuit. He started shivering during the last two lessons and has been looking very sorry for himself in the water. So we bought him a wetsuit -- Nick chose the colours because they reminded him of his hero Jacques Cousteau. Alec looks pleased as anything to be wearing it; and is back to his old bold self in the water again.

2. He doesn't wake when our gate clangs shut behind us; and he doesn't wake when I lift him out of the backpack. I put him on the sofa -- packed round with cushions in case of rolling -- and he sleeps on. Once I've unpacked, I join him and enjoy a sleep myself.

3. "...And when I got to the bit where big drops of rain fall on the bear's nose, he pointed to my nose!" says Nick proudly.