Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tour, in charge and pleased to see me.

1. I discover that there are rude things written on the back of the safety curtain at The Assembly Hall. And I get to look in the dressing rooms -- very, very utilitarian, but somehow terribly glamorous in the truest sense of the word. "These are the height of luxury, with air and light, compared to the ones in some of the West End theatres," says the theatre director. "They'd be underground." At the end of the corridor is a view out across the roof of the town hall.

2. "Just going to the loo!" Before I've quite worked out what's going on, Katie has left me in charge of baby Chloe in her pram in the toy department at Fenwicks. I push the pram -- very, very carefully. Chloe looks at me suspiciously and does an experimental fuss. I freeze in front of the pirate Lego. "Shhhh, darling, she's coming back." She senses my fear and ups the volume. "She'll be back any minute." I look around quickly and guiltily and then stick a finger in her mouth -- just like we used to do for Alec. She looks a bit surprised, and then starts sucking.

3. When I go to pick Alec up, he's pleased to see me in the best sort of way -- not in a "Where have you been? I was so worried, I thought you'd never come back. Give me some milk RIGHT NOW" way. It's more: "Mummy! Here you are, and here I am, and we're both here and do you know what I've been doing, look at this, it's got bells and it goes round."