Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bigger boy, swing and river walk.

1. In the toddler pool, we spot a blue watering can. Alec toddles over to play with it. Immediately a giant boy twice his height tries to take it off him. Alec holds on. The boy pulls. Alec nearly falls over, but holds on. The boy shoves, and Alec has to let go. I feel very sorry for him, though he doesn't seem upset, just a bit puzzled. I tell him: "I think it might have belonged to the other boy, and he thought we were stealing it." Just then, the boy's father (who is also huge) comes down like the wrath of god on his son. "Sorry about that, there you go," he says to Alec. I think I am the more delighted than Alec is.

2. One carer is helping a lady across the park, while another pushes her wheelchair. They bring her up to the birds nest swing and put down a cushion so she can lie across it comfortably. Then they rock her gently and she smiles at the sky.

3. Alec is cross and sleepy in the backpack so I turn my path from the station and walk along the river, singing a boring "Sleepy boy" song to him. I've never been this way before, and there are narrow boats moored on the other side, at the end of all the gardens. After ten minutes, Alec's forehead bobs against the back of my skull and I turn round and head for home.