Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New perspective, my boy and the rest.

1. Just for a change I take Alec down to the Pantiles and let him porgle around on the bandstand. A lady calls across from the colonnade: "I like your column in the Courier. I've lived in Tunbridge Wells for 40 years and it gives me a new perspective."

2. Alec beams, showing off his tiny white teeth (particularly when I give him a biscuit) and he looks a treat in his new red jumper, so I feel very pleased with both myself and him. A few elderly tourists on a coach trip from Leicester come past and admire him -- which delights him so much that he drops his biscuit. They don't think much of Tunbridge Wells as a tourist destination (they're here a bit early in the year), but I hope they enjoyed meeting us.

3. I fall asleep while I'm putting Alec to bed, and wake up more than an hour later. I feel so much better for it.

4. For supper -- a sandwich made from buttered white bread, thick slices of corned beef with grated carrot, red cabbage and my own mayonnaise.