Thursday, March 08, 2012

Dogged, not guilty and sleeper.

1. Amanda brings her dog Pippin to the back door. Alec puts out a respectful finger and touches her nose. Pippin licks his finger. Alec says (very quietly) "W-w," which is his attempt at woofing. It amazes me that he can put in the same category Hairy Maclary, a tiny terrier like Pippin, the huge Newfoundland dogs and the little black peke with the pink tongue from the park -- and then woof at them.

2. I come into the sitting room quietly to find Alec prone in front of the TV. He is pressing buttons on the VCR. I cough politely, and he jumps, rolls over and laughs at me. Then hgoes back to the buttons. It looked like a guilty startle, but I'm sure he's too young to understand (though he's been told many, many times) that tinksing with unfamiliar buttons is not allowed.

3. By the time my father drops us at our door, Alec is fast asleep. I carry him to his cot and he wakes, looks at me and then sinks back again. It's only 7.30, and I feel guilty because it all seems a bit too easy.