Thursday, March 01, 2012

Wolf's milk, late too and re-do.

1. We have a library book called What's the Time, Mr Wolf? (pictured left). The wolf's head is a finger puppet that pokes through a hole in each page. Alec loves books of this sort, so I was sure it would be a winner. His eyes lit up when I showed him. I made encouraging wolf noises. He looked at me blissfully and said: "Bub-bub". I can only think it was the big googly eyes that makes him think of his milkies.

2. We were doing all right for getting out of the house before ten -- but now there's a funny smell in Alec's newly-changed nappy department and I'm having doubts. My phone goes. It's Jane to say she's having a bit of a funny morning and they're going to be late.

3. I've pulled this piece of writing this way and that way and I can't make it work. I go back to the start and try again with another topic. Half an hour later, I'm reading the finished piece to Nick (and feeling very relieved).