Monday, March 26, 2012

Walking alone, shoulders and loaf.

1. We set off with Alec on a walk -- with no pushchair and no backpack. Alec can walk short distances now, and when he gets tired one of us picks him up. He lets us know when he wants a carry by taking a strong interest in things he finds on the ground.

2. I pick Alec up and try to put him on my shoulders. He doesn't co-operate, preferring to sit on my head, giggling at the height of it and trying to steal my glasses. Nick puts my glasses in his pocket and persuades Alec to follow the one leg each side of the neck rule.

3. I recently discovered a secret on-line stash of recipes for our bread machine. This hot cross bun loaf is particularly delicious, and made the whole house smell spicy and warm. Nick says the only bad thing about it is that there's no cross on it -- perhaps it's more of a not cross bun loaf.

4. This isn't beautiful at all -- but I'm still laughing about it, so I'm going to share. We undress Alec for his bath and let him loose to air his bits. He goes into the nursery and we watch him fondly as he squats down and tries to balance a peanut butter jar lid on his ring stacker. "He's so clever and dexterous and he always perseveres," we tell each other proudly. Then we notice he's doing a big poo on the floor.