Friday, March 09, 2012

Farewell, tight and remember.

1. We wave Nick off at the window (our neighbours have trimmed back their acer tree so we can watch him walk down the hill for longer). After he is out of sight we stay there for a good while longer, because I am so engrossed in watching Alec breathing on the glass. When I focus on the outside again, I realise that a mother and her children are waving and smiling at us. We don't know them, but they have a space in the car park and perhaps they've noticed us before.

2. Alec's clothes are stretched again, so I get him some new ones -- a packet of five button under shirts in bright clean colours, a red knitted coat with toggles (it has a label saying 'pirate issue' sewn on the back) and a pair of navy trousers with red turn-ups. And a pair of bathing shorts W-- his old ones look a bit cheeky.

3. To wander into a shop (Jeremy's Homestore) and remember a thing that I need (loaf tins).