Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring, souvenir and Baby.

1. Dust blue sky. Dust green grass. Men with shirts off lounge on the Sports Ground. We're all blinking in the sunshine. A bird we can't see is singing.

2. To snap a few pictures on my phone for people who can't be there.

3. "Baby doesn't like it when you drop him," I tell Alec, retrieving his doll from the ground beneath the swing. "He's going to stay with me." Alec reaches out imploringly, promising to be a better dad. "Well, all right. Baby says he wants to come back in the swing with you." I hold out the doll and then snatch it back as the swing comes near. "Baby tricked you. He doesn't like being dropped." Alec giggles and claps. The swing comes back. "Tricked you again!" And I'm not sure which of us is the worst parent...