Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dropped sky, big pack and rest.

1. The scylla look like bits of sky fallen in the muddy grass.

2. As I take the seat opposite her, she looks up from her patience (it's nice to see someone playing with real cards) she says: "Have you been for a weekend away, too?"
"We've been swimming," I say, rather proudly.
"You need a bag that big for swimm- oh, you've got your child up there!"

3. I am very, very tired and Alec, who had a morning nap and a kip in the backpack, is not. I lie on the bed and let him play around me. He spends some time standing up and sitting down suddenly -- which always makes us both smile. And then he gets a couple of books from Nick's bedside table and looks at them quietly while I rest.