Monday, March 05, 2012

Washed bathmat, alarm and bedtime.

1. I am extraordinarily satisfied by the sight of the just washed bathmat drying on the airer. I think it is because I remarked on it's dirtiness this morning, and without my doing a thing it has made its way downstairs and into the washing machine.

2. To set an alarm for half an hour, and feel quite secure about losing myself.

3. We are both shattered -- but Alec is not. We've done the bedtime routine, but he is still wriggling around and standing up and falling down and giggling about it. In the end, we shut the bedroom door, turn out the lights and let him run around on the floor while Nick and I cuddle on the bed. Alec thinks it's the best fun to play with my bedside cabinet, scamper round the end of the bed, press the buttons on the alarm clock and then scamper back again. At last he asks to be lifted back up. I give him some milk, and though the light is dim, it isn't too dark to see his eyes closing.