Monday, April 03, 2006

Lost, bathroom and neighbours.

Note: I'm back. Thanks for being patient with my shriftless itinerant ways. I know that some people were frustrated by the irregularity of posts; and others were distressed when I couldn't confine myself to three. But you know how it is when you are adventuring.

1. My thoughts on waking up at home for the first time in nine and half weeks: ‘Bloody hell, where am I? This is a very posh quilt for a backpacker dorm. Where on earth are the other girls? Oh God, whose bed am I sleeping in? Why is all my stuff here? I’m sure I didn’t bring that little table with me.’

2. I had a shower and it wasn’t a major expedition involving a delve in my locker. Nor were there insects buzzing around my head. And the water was actually hot. There was somewhere dry to put my clothes down. And I used a real towel, not a torn sarong.

3. Having a neighbour who rescues me when my washing machine breaks down, and gives me dinner when I need it.