Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ospreys, family photo and communal eating.

1. We went down to see the osprey project. It's a neat hide on the banks of the river and some portable offices and some picnic tables for people and birds. The nest is about a mile away -- this is as close as it's polite to get to the nest of the only pair of breeding ospreys in Wales. This is the third year the pair have come back to this nest -- they winter in Africa. The project is manned by any number of enthusiastic twitchers in RSPB jumpers. They set up the telescopes for you, and write osprey facts up on the whiteboard. And they get all misty-eyed, too: 'I still get a thrill when I see them fly over on their way to the coast, even after three years.' I got a look at the nest. They haven't laid this year, but the female was sitting on the nest getting comfortable, while the male sat proudly nearby.

2. On the hill above the house is an artistic bench called 'Giant's Chair'. We set up Rosey's camera on a timer so we can get a family photo. In all the pictures we are laughing because Rosey is trying to squash in among us.

3. Since leaving the truck gang in Africa, I've really missed eating with lots of other people around. There are eleven of us from three families staying here, so dinner time is very lively and noisy.