Friday, April 14, 2006

Real words, nurses are human too and jazz.

1. A new copy of one of my favourite story mags has arrived -- Quality Women's Fiction. I like it because the women who get published are ordinary writers who work at their stories because they love to put words down on paper.

2. Conversation at the GP's:
Me: That's a nasty cough.
Nurse: Yes. It's the smoking.
Me: (a nervous laugh)
Nurse: I'm giving up.
Me: Oh right?
Nurse: I'd given up, but my mother died before Christmas and I took it up again.
Me: Oh.
Nurse: I'm going to give up. (Pause) The trouble is, I don't want to. I do really.

3. I look up the number of the Indian restaurant I want to go to in the phone book. But when we arrive, I realise I've booked the one over the road; so we go there instead, and they have live jazz.