Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No money, lunch stop and moving as one.

1. Antique and craft-fairs that charge entrance irritate me -- I'm sure the organisers don't just do it for greed, but it's cross-making to discover that you've paid 50p to walk round a room full of old-people smelling tat. Today I sneak into a fair behind the money-collecting lady's back. There is nothing I want among the seaside souvenirs, flaky costume jewellery and postcards of Wales, which is disappointing; but I leave feeling curiously pleased with myself because I haven't paid to find this out.

2. My family is rubbish at stopping for meals when travelling. We can't agree where to go and end up circling a town until everywhere stops serving food; or someone will say: 'I don't care. Let's just go on.' Or we end up in a motorway service station with everyone looking like thunder. It's always a huge relief when we do stop somewhere.

3. I have been watching The Blue Planet -- it's a series of programmes by the BBC about life in the ocean. I love watching schools of fish -- the way vast numbers manage to move as one is magical.