Sunday, April 23, 2006

Recall, pictures and canine capers.

1. I sometimes have moments when I forget my the number I need to use my debit card. I can be using it happily all morning when suddenly, bang, the number's just not in my head. With more and more shops using the chip and PIN terminals, it's getting to be a bit of problem for me. It happened today while I was trying to get money to finish my farmer's marketing. I sighed and headed home. Then just as I was crossing the road, the number came back again.

2. I am trying to get ready to go to a party when PaulV turns up with a load of studio equipment -- he is doing a photoshoot tomorrow with real models and wants to practice. He fills my flat with borrowed lights and huge backdrops. I am grumpy because I'm trying to dress and give Katie supper. Paul persists, flattering us both madly, and photographing us as we eat, until we agree to pose for him.

3. At the end of the party, the dog gets into the bar. It runs around, excited by all the people and the noise. Then it finds a balloon. It bats it around, paws it, pats it and then pops it. It looks so sad that someone gives it another, which it bursts; and soon all the balloons are being pulled down for the dog to play with.