Sunday, April 30, 2006

Quest, laundry and cheering.

1. A couple of months ago, I was poking about on Tacky Treasures and found a feature about a book by Charles Addams (as in The Addams Family) called Dear Dead Days. It's a collection of his source material for the Addams Family cartoons and features pictures of train crashes, circus freaks and adverts aimed at undertakers. I thought to myself: 'I want that book,' and followed it with: 'A copy will never turn up in Tunbridge Wells.' Well, one beautiful thing for today: I walked into Halls Bookshop and found a copy sitting on the counter.

2. As Fenella and Andy know all too well (because they've been doing my laundry (for which my heart overflows with gratitude)) my washing machine has been broken since I got back from Africa. What a relief to get a new (reconditioned) Zanussi washer-dryer plumbed in and working on my washing.

3.Walking in the woods with Rob and being cheered up.