Thursday, April 20, 2006

Open mouth, star flowers and postbox.

1. Our boss's youngest, because she says the things no-one else will. Overhearing someone booking accomodation for a conference, she asked: 'Are you the one who always books the rubbish hotel rooms for my dad?' Tactful enquiries were made and the situation cleared up. Other gems include a motivational poster instructing us to work hard for her father and not for the other director; and her critique of some promotional key rings: 'What are these? They're rubbish.' The other reason we like her is because she joyfully takes on soul-destroying tasks like label-sticking and envelope stuffing.

2. A few branches of forsythia in a field hedge. It has bright yellow flowers that look like big floppy stars growing on naked twigs. It's usually a garden plant, so I was surprised to see it growing wild by a country lane. (Picture by Michael Grant)

3. A very little girl runs across the pavement to put a heavily pen scribbled envelope into a letter box. She is almost too little reach the slot -- she has to stretch right up over her head to get it in.