Monday, April 17, 2006

Washing arrangements, a room of my own and tidy woods.

Sorry for the gap in posts -- I meant to write on Thursday and explain that I was going away for Easter; but that day turned out to be a bit hectic, so I didn't.

1. We booked into a National Trust bunkhouse and somehow ended up in the hall. Everyone except me and Rosey are sleeping in rooms with showers en suite. We are using the communal bathroom. This might sound a bit unlucky for us, but it means we have a shower each, a loo each and three basins between us.

2. Everyone except me has gone out. I am sitting in a sofa in the conservatory, a stack of writing magazines at my side. It is very, very quiet (except for the scratching of my pen).

3. The leaves are late coming out this year because it's been so cold; but it's lovely to walk in bare woods under the April sunshine. It's a bit like very early autumn but without lots of dead leaves messing things up.