Monday, April 10, 2006

Witch, carnivore and snowfall.

1. A book all about Thessaly. She’s one of my favourite Sandman characters, being ruthless, clever and in deep denial about her softer side. Thessaly: Witch for Hire sees the ghost who loves her land her in deep trouble. He has taken on contracts to kill monsters, which he fulfils by sending them after Thessaly.

2. Seeing Rob and Lou. Much has changed in my absence. Rob, previously vegetarian, has taken up meat and become a sausage fanatic.

3. While we eat dinner and catch up, it starts to snow. The flakes are like huge feathers -- perhaps someone is plumping up the clouds. When we go out to the car, they land with big, wet splats on us, sticking to our clothes and melting down our necks.