Wednesday, February 13, 2013

All well, knight in shining armour and at the door.

1. "Oh look at that, there's a yawn," she says, catching a scan picture of Little Tiny Baby with its mouth wide open. She confirms that all appears well and says the baby's measurements are nice and average (although I notice the thigh bones are little to the right of the mean mark, just like lanky longshanks Alec).

2. The bus driver won't take my ten pound note -- but the man behind me quickly offers to change it.

3. I am virtuously tidying up the sitting room and am rewarded when a fat envelope is pushed through the letterbox. It's addressed to 'Beautiful Clare' so I quickly open the door to catch and thank the Sarah Fairy before she vanishes into the bitter night. She has brought round a poetry book for me to read this month as per my resolution and an origami book that I don't remember lending her but am very glad to receive all the same. I thrust into her hands the parcel I'd made up for her but was too 'cold day lazy' to take round (January's book and something for her CD a week resolution).