Monday, February 25, 2013

Private time, avocado and no more Mummy.

1a. It is 6.15am and I am tired of nursing. "More bub when daylight comes back."
Alec isn't happy. "Want shout Daddy."
"Daddy's asleep."
"Daddy make daylight come back."

1. When I hear feet on the stairs I sigh because I haven't quite finished everything I meant to do in naptime. But Alec pitter-patters straight into the front room and everything goes quiet. When my curiosity (and my fear) get the better of me I find him lying on the floor. He says "No more Mummy. Go in the kitchen." Later I find him standing on the arm of the sofa to look out of the window. "No more Mummy, go in the kitchen." We both want to be left to our own devices and I am a fool and an ingrate to meddle.

2. Buying an avocado for a particular meal is always a risk -- but this one (after two days in a paper bag with a squashy banana) is just right.

3. I catch Alec's eye round the corner of the bookshelf and we both smile, great face aching smiles. He thinks it's too much: "No more Mummy."