Sunday, February 24, 2013

Overdressed, for all my work and still night.

1. There is no snow on any of the pavements apart from ours. I'm overdressed in my heavy boots and layered coats -- but at least I'm warm enough.

2. I spent some time yesterday moving books around so that all Alec's bedtime reading was on a small bookcase in our bedroom. The idea was that he could pick his own books out, rather than relying on us to pull them down for him from the various places that they get stashed around the room. It took a fair bit of thought (and I had to cull some of my own books to make the space) so I was very gratified to hear him refer to it this evening as "Alec's bookshelf".

3. I've just come down from settling Alec and I'm ravenous. I put some soup on, and then I hear the sound of bare feet on the stairs and a hopeful enquiry: "Daylight come back?"
"No," says Nick, "It's still night time. Come back upstairs and lie down with Daddy."
Nick returns not much later and reports that the little man fell asleep in the crook of his arm.