Friday, February 15, 2013

Coming to get you, shaking hands and your book has come.

1. Yesterday I pushed Alec into decorating a badly cut out* heart card for Nick. He covered the envelope in monster stickers and informed me that "These monsters are coming to get you with kisses." So I wrote it in on the envelope so Nick would get the message, too.

2. "Oh Clare, look at them!" says Jane. Alec and Anthony are shaking hands. Then Alec hugs Anthony.

3. I ordered the tandem breastfeeding bible, Adventures in Tandem Nursing, from the library as all the forums suggest strongly that there are things one needs to know before the new baby arrives. The book is presently out of print and going for £200 on Amazon. There is no copy in Kent, so it had to come in from Milton Keynes -- and it only took a week. This seems to me like a miracle.

3b. Nick brings home a bag from Lush. This time my favourite thing is the piece of Willow Pattern soap. It has a rose and lemon perfume and is very kind to my sore hands.

*Badly cut out because I had to use a blunt Stanley knife out of the tool box -- my scalpels have been put away in a high place that no-one can recall.