Sunday, February 17, 2013

Escape, home and oven.

Rachel over at Miniatures Make Me Happy has a sweet and highly illustrated post today about the model railway exhibition that Nick and Alec enjoyed so much today.

1. I pop out to buy a nursing bra -- the first beautiful thing is that we live so near a really useful underwear shop. And the second beautiful thing is the couple ahead of me -- she was picking out a swimming costume, I think for an imminent holiday; and, from his quizzing of the shop's owner about the location of the Pantiles and a particular hotel, I guessed they were in town for a romantic weekend. It made me remember how important this sort of thing is in any marriage -- and it made me wonder if it might be possible for Nick and me to escape, even for a night, before the new baby comes.

2. A call to say "We're coming home."

3. I am upstairs settling Alec and I can hear the kitchen timer going. I am wondering if Nick understood my muttered instruction about taking the chicken out. The faint clank of the oven shelf suggests that he did.