Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My spot, wheels and the nap.

Three Beautiful Things features in this week's episode of Atley Jonas' philosophy podcast The Happy Road Ahead. He was kind enough to read one of my posts in full and he made it sound like proper literature! If you've come in from there, welcome. And if you're going there from here, you're in for a treat -- Atley will fill you in on Bruce Lee probable Myers Briggs results, the bushido code of honour as well as a lovely mixed bag of quirky news stories and memes.

1. A gent in a red mobility scooter has picked a sheltered sunny spot by the castle gatehouse. I think he must be watching and waiting for spring to come in.

2. On top of the motte, at the very top of the spiral path, some boys (squeaky voices and husky voices) are looking thoughtfully at a skateboard.

3. He doesn't wake when I pull off his shoes and coat. He mutters drowsily when I lift him out of the pushchair and then lolls heavily against my shoulder. I carry him upstairs, and supporting his head just as I did when he was a newborn, I lay him down in his new bed. He rolls to this side, that side and then settles, breathing softly.