Sunday, February 03, 2013

Long night, encouragement and in my married name.

1. There is grey light around the curtains when Alec asks for his first bub of the night -- what an amazing night's sleep.

2. Running is not going well this morning. When I opened the door the cold hit me in the same way that heat does when you open an oven. I am happy to have a person in a pushchair who shouts "MORE Mummy MORE" whenever I stop.

3. My new passport arrives. It's my first in my married name. I'd been resisting the change partly because the passport and identity office is the sort of institution that makes me feel very very arsey; and partly because my old passport is full of visas; and partly because changing my name was a lot more painful than I thought. Anyway -- I'm glad it's done now because my passport is my only form of ID (I have no driving licence) and it was a mission to open savings accounts in my married name. And actually, the new style biometric passports are pleasingly quirky with British landscape scenes on each page (it really seems a pity to cover them with visas, which is good because I'm unlikely to go anywhere requiring one for the next ten years).