Saturday, February 23, 2013

Signed, wriggler and manoeuvre.

1. In an unobtrusive place on our farm baseboard I spot "Rodbert" written in sprawling pencil letters. It is strange to think back to c.1980 and a small Uncle Robert in dungarees squatting down to push his tractors around.

2. Just like Alec did, Little Tiny Baby likes to have a good wriggle around while I'm relaxing at the end of yoga.

3. When I get to nursery Alec and two other little boys are trying to put the microwave into a cupboard in the play kitchen. "I don't think it will fit," says his key person in between showing me pictures of Alec solemnly sticking pink tissue paper to a pig template. "I really don't think it will go in there... Oh it does! Well, I never knew that."