Monday, February 18, 2013

Fog, a different dog and the extrication.

An account of Alec's adventures in toot-toot land over at his godfather's blog Heropress

1. To wake to a morning of mysteries because the fog is so thick you can barely see across the street; and to see the mist burning off almost before your eyes as the world warms up.

2. "He'll do his dance in a minute," says Nana. Sure enough, when he sees the food box Jimmy-dog gets up on his back legs and prances about the kitchen. "He's like this in the morning round the bedroom, as soon as he sees my covers move."
"You wouldn't think he's over 70 in man years," says Grandad admiringly.

3. I am firmly wedged between my two warm and napping boys -- Nick's arm in around what's left of my waist and Alec has his hand tucked into my vest. Very, very carefully I untangle myself and wriggle down the bed to freedom (and an hour of yoga).