Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quiet breakfast, touch screen and bear.

Rachel, Godfather Timothy's wife, has started two blogs this week. One details her passion for dollshouses and other tiny worlds, Miniatures Make Me Happy. The other blog will recount her research into a box full of memories left behind by Tim's mother, A Life in a Suitcase.

1. Nick and Alec go back to sleep. I go downstairs to eat a quiet breakfast and put lunch together.

2. Katie says that she caught Baby Loey trying to make a magazine picture behave like a touch-screen. Alec sometimes tries it on the laptop (hence the smeary marks here and there). It is amazing to think that they will grow up taking such a marvel for granted.

2b. We've had a few tantrums this week because Alec's gilet is in the wash. At the nearly-new sale, as well as a bundle of summer clothes, I buy a waistcoat, once part of a toddler wedding suit, hoping that it will do as a substitute. When I get home Alec immediately asks me to put it on over his t-shirt. He agrees that he looks a bit of a dandy (though if he knows what a dandy is then his nursery is doing very well for him).

3. Nick and Alec are discussing a picture in a book of bears busy at various household activities. 'That Mummy,' says Alec, 'And that Daddy.'
'And is this one Alec?'
'No, Daddy, it a bear.'