Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Social stories, bedtime stories and highlights.

1a. Would she like me to go and get her a cup of tea from the excellent women who run the toddler group?
"No, but could you hold him while I go?"
To have a (smallish) baby to amuse for a few minutes.

1.  It takes a few tries but eventually I get Alec to drop "Happy birthday dear Alec" in favour of "Happy birthday dear Daddy". Next on the agenda is a chat about who is giving presents to whom.

2. I am so grumpy and pregnant that I can't be bothered to raise myself from the bed to get a book to read. So I tell him a story out of my own head. "Once upon a time there was a-"
"...a norglet who lived in a treehouse with his parents and a pet monkey called-"
This cheers me up enormously.

3. Nick says, when I tell him the highlights of our day: "I like being a daddy."

*A norglet is the word we use to describe Alec when he is being particularly Alec-ish.