Friday, February 08, 2013

Daff, off to bed and about his afternoon.

1. The single brave daffodil in the front garden. There's always one that appears long before the others

2. We've only just had breakfast but Alec is grumpy and his requests are becoming increasingly erratic and unreasonable: 'Bubby! No more bubby! Malties! No more malties! Nappy change! No more nappy change!' I say no to everything, take him upstairs and settle him for a nap.

3. They show me some pictures of Alec's afternoon. In one of them, he and a little girl are sitting in a tent playing with lanterns. Making 'scary shadows' is one of Alec's favourite games so I can imagine he had a lot of fun with this activity. He is also holding his doll, which he insisted on taking in with him. He tells me that he shared Baby with the girl and that 'Baby 'ad some bubby.'